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170124 announcing plus


Announcing SV +Plus plans!

Goodbye, Beta. Hello, SV +Plus!

Today marks the biggest release since we publicly launched Small Victories last April – big enough that we’re finally shedding the Beta label and pushing SV out of the nest.

We’re introducing +Plus, a paid tier for ‘pro’ features.

One of the most common questions we’ve gotten is “how can we support Small Victories to make sure it doesn’t disappear?”

By offering a paid plan, we are ensuring that we can afford to keep running Small Victories. Here are the costs that you’re helping offset:

  • Infrastructure Although we use Dropbox for hosting the files, we cache them for better performance. More users, more files, more servers.
  • Features and improvements We have a long wishlist of things we want to add or improve. By supporting SV, you allow us to invest time in doing these things. We work on Small Victories as a side-project in our design studio, and have taken no outside funding for it.

You can read more on the Pricing page

With +Plus you’ll get:

  • Full HTML hosting
  • Custom domains
  • Password protected sites
  • Ability to remove the SV flag
  • Export site HTML

For more info on these features and a price comparison with other services and hosting options check the pricing page.

Of course the original goal of SV is to make sites quickly and easily, so most things remain free.


+Plus is $4/month or $36/year. See the Pricing Page for more information.

What this means for you

If you already have sites that use +Plus features

We want you to keep using them. That’s why we’re giving you three months to keep using those features for free, and then we’ll send you a friendly reminder that you should upgrade.

If you don’t have any sites using +Plus features

Keep using SV exactly how you have been. You’ll also see some of the free updates the next time you sign in.

Not sure which one you are?

You’ll see your plan in the top right next time you sign in. You can change your plan at any time.

Upcoming features

We’re also making our product roadmap public so you can see what else we’re working on.

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