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Likeminds Collaborative Album

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Helping Likeminds get their photos together – collaboratively

What is Likeminds?

Likeminds is a conference in upstate New York. It brought together designers, technologists, film-makers, and creative types for a weekend of camping and fun at the Beacon Settlement Camp in Beacon, New York. There was a great lineup of speakers including: Mike Perry, Archie Coates, Lotta Nieminen, Leta Sobierajski, Wade Jeffree, Adam J. Kurtz, Sougwen Chung, Anna Wolf, Hugh Francis, Ben Dickinson, Matt Daniels, Nitzan Hermon, and us!

slideshow theme

What we did

Usually a hashtag would suffice for this type of thing.

Does it have to be on instagram? Flickr? But can it look cool? What if I want the photos?

These are normal questions one asks themselves when they have a photo album.

design image
We wanted it branded

We wanted something that could feel like the conference since the visuals that Leta and Wade created were so strong; we didn’t want it to live inside someone else’s world. So we designed a simple little site (very simple – don’t get excited) using the identity that they created.

finder image
We wanted to save the photos

The other thing that we wanted was a way for the organizers to collect the photos that everyone took from the weekend. With Small Victories all of the images get saved right into a Dropbox folder for easy archiving. No emails with zip files, Wetransfer links, or texts with photos in them.

The other thing that’s nice is that people can come to the site and save images really easily by just dragging them out of the browser. If you’ve ever tried to save images in Instagram you know it’s not that easy.

How we did it

slideshow theme
We started with the slideshow theme.

We talked about sharing the Small Victory folder with everyone going to the conference at first (similarly to how you share a dropbox folder with someone now) but we thought that people wouldn’t want a folder that might blow up their Dropbox’s precious space.

image of file request
There is a little known feature in Dropbox called “File Requests”. When you create a file request it makes a link for you that pops open a window asking someone to upload a file. The file they upload will then be shot into the folder you chose.

image of upload button
It’s usually used to request a file for a specific person, but we decided to open the link up to the public, so anyone could upload files. The file request sits behind a giant upload button on the site. This could have gone downhill but the folder was patrolled throughout the weekend. Another great thing is that you can delete a photo that’s not appropriate! (Everyone was very respectful btw).

The result

And there we have it. We got a ton of great photos from people (especially Meredith) and the photo album looks great – a perfect archive of a great weekend!

Check it out for yourself!

Some problems

File Size
Since people were uploading from their phone there were some large photos that needed to be optimized by us. This is something we’ve talked about as a future feature: the ability to save multiple copies of an image while keeping the original.

Where am I?
There is a little bit of a disconnect when someone clicks on upload and are taken to dropbox’s site to actually upload the file.


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